Writing Prompt I found

So today I came across this writing prompt:  “You have the choice between flight and invisibility, which do you choose and why?” 

I would choose flying. 100%, and had I been asked,  I would’ve probably answered this question before the person asking finished his/her sentence.

I’ve always wanted to fly. I’ve had dreams about it for as long as I can remember. Floating on a breeze letting it take me ever so gently, hovering, flying with birds going south for the winter, soaring up and up as high as I could take myself and pushing myself to go higher still.

Funny enough though, I always imagined having wings. I never thought about flying like Superman or Nathan Patrelli from that show Heroes. It was always with wings and my wings were always magnificent. Massive in size with beautiful colors, and oh so soft. They’d even be able to fold down so much so that they’d almost disappear if I didn’t want them to be seen.

I remember coming across a book when I was 8 years old called “Mail Order Wings” by Beatrice Gormley.  My mother and I had just moved to California and one of my favorite things to do was to read. Well my mother was all to happy to oblige. When we got settled in our new home, we went to the nearest bookstore to pick out some new books. This book was everything to me for a very long time. The whole premise of the story is about a girl who orders wings through an ad in a comic book and ends up having an interesting adventure throughout the story.  And wouldn’t you know, this girl in the book was doing EXACTLY what 8 year old me wanted to do!  She got wings, she flew around and she even flew with a flock of geese. I was SO jealous of this girl in my story and I ultimately thought it was just awesome that she got to fly. I loved this book so much that I bought it for my children to read when they were little. I was excited that they loved it as much as I do.

So maybe one day I’ll meet a genie, or a faery, or by some kind of magical happenstance I am given the option to fly. That would be awesome.

*Fingers crossed*


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