Friday Night

Well, here it is. The weekend. It’s been a very long and emotional week for me. I’m super stressed out about a few things and I’m trying to deal with things one at a time. Which is what I always tell everyone else. “Deal with what’s immediately in front of you first, then the next thing, then the next. So it’s not all as overwhelming as it seems.” But somehow it’s easier to give advice to others. I have trouble following my own advice which brings out more stress and then the cycle continues.

I joined Writing201, which was a fabulous decision. It got me back into writing and also gave me new people to follow, and other poetic posts to read. So that was a nice change. I’m looking into some photography projects on wordpress as well.

I have practice tomorrow so that should be fun and probably exhausting as well because I’m sure it’ll be hot out there. (Yay San Fernando Valley)

We’ll see what the rest of the weekend brings.


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