Mouths Wide Shut

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mouths Wide Shut.”

I might be a little weird in this regard. I’ve been a pescatarian since January of this year. Meaning, the only meat I eat is of the seafood variety. I wouldn’t say that I’m normally a picky eater, but I do like certain things a certain way.

For example: When having breakfast, lets say we’re having pancakes, sausage/bacon, eggs, toast etc… I can’t have my savory touch my sweet. If syrup touches my eggs or my sausage (when I used to eat it), it repulsed me to the point that I would trade it with someone at the table, or just not eat it at all. Separate plates make this so much easier. But then of course, I’m the one with 3 plates in front of me while every one else has only one. Quirky? Totally. But I KNOW I’m not the only one! There are others out there like me who shudder at the thought of syrupy eggs.

I tried eating a McGriddle once. I think my daughter dared me to take a bite, so I did. No big deal right? Wrong, wrong, wrong! Super gross.

People keep telling me that it all ends up in the same place anyway so it shouldn’t make a difference. But it does! The flavors intermingling with one another don’t give me the pleasure it does to taste everything alone, on its own. Yes, it all goes to the same place, but I enjoy eating, so why not do it the way I want to?


On another note: I don’t like Jell-O, cherries, milk, chocolate (unless it’s white), or any kind of hot fruit pie.

3 thoughts on “Mouths Wide Shut

  1. I eat with separate plates… I cant stand pies, tooooo wet and mushy…. I dont come across too many ppl who use separate plates…. I am a peculiar eater, I like tomatoes just not cooked tomatoes….I don’t reply to blogs….jus post just made me laugh….like at last….I’m not the only one….cheers…kisses

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    1. Funny enough Shawnte, there are more of us than you would think! I’m like you with tomatoes…except pickles. I REALLY have to be in the mood to even eat one, but when I do it can’t be cooked or hot. Super unsettling… Thanks for taking the time to respond and I’m glad I was able to make you laugh! Have an awesome day! xoxo


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