Art Hero

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mind Reader.”

The person to my left is my Supervisor Leo. Our desks are separated by a mini file cabinet with a printer sitting on top of it. Leo is a graphic designer and he’s got amazing talent. He’s working here because of a steady paycheck, but he’s always thinking about his art and how it can sustain him enough to get the hell outta dodge and just be creative.

He currently works here during the day for somewhere between 8-10 hours a day and when he leaves, he goes home to work on his art projects that people have commissioned him for. He has art clients and has numerous freelance jobs always coming in, but alas, he’s still here.

This is how I know what he’s thinking… because I too am thinking the same thing. I am also a graphic designer, stuck here in this job that has nothing to do with my heart, stuck here just to pay bills (barely), and always thinking of ways to get the hell out.

You should check him out if you have the chance

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