Proud Mama

My youngest daughter finally shared with me something she wrote. I was blown away by her words. Creative writing is something that has been done in my family for generations. We’re big on hugging, talking, laughing, having random dance-offs in the living room, all things “artsy”, and of course, using our words.

She’s taking a creative writing class in school. She’s a high school senior now, and since this is her last year, she said she wanted it to end by doing something she doesn’t usually do. Share her writing. The class will perform over a two night period, on stage, in the theater, in front of everyone that decided to buy a ticket. So this is a huge thing for her. Granted, my littlest baby girl is no shy violet when it comes to performing. She’s been in musical theater since forever and loves to be the center of attention, true to her goofball nature, but this is different. These are her own words she’ll be speaking. This is her own heart she’ll be sharing. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be crying. I cry at everything. And since she already knows this, I hope she’s prepared haha.

#proudmama ❤

3 thoughts on “Proud Mama

  1. Awww. Good for her. Sharing your creative writing in public is scary. It took me until I was in my thirties to start blogging and sharing my work with others. I know you’re proud!

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