Writing101; Day 20: Wrap it up

Now that writing101 is completed for November, in December I plan to continue writing. More often if I can. December is my birthday month, 12-13 to be exact I’m really excited because I’ll be turning 40! I have no plans, but I’ll definitely play it by ear.

December is a month for celebrating. With holidays in abundance and family and friends gathering closer and closer to end the year on a happy note, hoping and making wishes for the coming year.

My goal, once again, is to write every day, despite the stress and any anxiety or depression that may come about putting a wall in my face.

Optimism is key!! So we’ll see how that goes 😉


Writing 101; Day 19: Feature a Guest

I didn’t do a colab as per the assignment, however, here are a few posts that I enjoyed this month:






Writing101; Day 18


This phrase is something we had to come up with after my second daughter was born. This beautiful child of mine, such a smarty pants, full of love and rebellion and damn fearless!

Sailor Moon is to blame.. although not really. Miah, like Maya – just spelled differently because I’m a Sagittarius and Jewish, and West African and I didn’t want my children to blend in, not even with their names. Sailor Moon was Miah’s favorite cartoon. If you’ve never heard of it, where have you been? Sailor Moon, her talking cat Luna and her friends (middle-schoolers) are soldiers destined to save the Earth from evil. The other soldiers are all named after planetary awesomeness as well.

Anyway. Sailor Moon and her buds, can fly. Which, I mean of course, means that Miah can fly right? Right. Miah always found her way to climb on to the arm of the couch and dive off screaming SAILOR MOON!! as she did so.

One lovely evening, I was making dinner. My eldest daughter Kyla (not Kayla) strolls in and asks very nonchalantly, “is Miah supposed to be on top of the entertainment center?” I slowly take off the oven mitt I had been wearing and said “umm no…why?” To which she replied, “well she is.” At this very moment, I hear SAILOR MOON!!! and I lost it. I have never run so fast in my life. I turned the corner from the kitchen into the living room and Miah was already mid-air with the biggest grin on her face I’ve ever seen. Arms spread wide like she was competing in a swan lake high-dive competition. I didn’t have time to think, so I dove as well. Not as gracefully as I might add because there was terror in my heart that I might not make it in time. But not only did I make it, I managed to roll over within my dive to land on my back with my daughter slamming into my chest.

There I was, on the living room floor trying to catch my breath, with Miah up and running somewhere else in the house, giggling as she went, and Kyla hovering over me with her toothless smile – asking if dinner was ready.

That episode is what created the “Miah Alert.” Telling Kyla to just use that phrase when Miah is about to launch herself off of something. Don’t stop to ask me if she’s supposed to be there, just use the Miah Alert.


Creative Blogger Award

Mama Monkey nominated me for the Creative Blogger award! She said my blog was “thought-provoking” which is too cool!! *Thanks Again!

The Creative Blogger Award

Since I’ve never done this before, and I’m not quite sure what to do, I’m going to use the same format as Mama Monkey did. So here goes! 🙂

The rules are to answer questions, nominate others, and pose questions for your nominees to answer. Since I personally was told to answer the questions below, that’s what I’m doing. Easy peasy.

  1. If you could choose where to live (regardless of family, your commitments, etc.) – where would you live?
    This is a hard question to answer. My first thought is California because I’ve been here for so long and there are SO many awesome things about it. Like easy access to the beach YEAR ROUND, I can play tourist for the day and bum around Hollywood to check out the stars and sights, go downtown to the garment district and get incredible deals on fabric and notions and YARN (omg I love yarn), if I feel like going to the snow or the desert, or even to the redwoods or the Golden Gate Bridge… it’s just a drive away. The people are eclectic and people-watching is always a fun past time. While I love it here, I also want to travel with my family and I think how fun it’d be for the three of us (my daughters and I) to jump in an RV and just drive with no particular destination in mind. I mean, we do that now as it is when we want to go out, but don’t know where to go at the time, but it’d be fun I think to just keep going…
  2. Your favorite book?
    Anything from Dean Koontz! It’s too hard for me to pick just one book, with SO many out there. He’s my favorite author though because I love how he blends different genres into his horror writing. There’s fantasy, sci-fi, humor, sarcasm… his books have it all! I often find myself reading late into the night and either laughing out loud or having to sleep with the light on. Or both. You never know with Dean.  🙂
  3. Movie at home or theater?
    Again, hard to choose. I like the theater because the vibe of the other people in the audience makes the movie that much more interesting. For example, when I saw Planet of the Apes 2, I saw it with the composer and all the talented people who played the music for the soundtrack of the movie itself. The movie was fantastic, but watching the faces of the people who made the music for it was a new experience. They were delighted to see how the two went together so perfectly. Watching them watch it was amusing as well because some of them were moving their fingers on their “air” instruments and I wondered at the time, if they even knew they were doing it. It was wonderful! On the other hand of this question, I love to pile on the couch or the floor with family/friends and watch movies at home. We order pizza and make other snacks, and generally it’s a good time for all. Never a dull moment!

I’m nominating the following blogs (in no particular order):

  1. Giggling Fattie and her blog No Love for Fatties – Because her blog touches on some of the feelings I have about myself. I too am a “giggling fattie” loving myself and my sarcastic approach to the world around me!
  2. Jenn and her blog Stories and Scribblings — I love that her blog is “quirky, sarcastic, and aggressively uncool” as per her About page which you should totally read because there’s a bonus section in it!
  3. Gun Roswell and her blog Rantings Of A Third Kind — Because I simply like what she has to say, and I like the photography posted as well.

The questions I’d like them to answer are:

1) Are you a person who has a lot of acquaintances or just a few very close friends?

2) Are you a leader or a follower? How do you know which one you are?

3) What’s something about yourself that you hope will never change?

The World Of Children’s Books Is Still Very White

Day 16: Mine your own material

Awhile ago I re-tweeted this article I saw: http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-world-of-childrens-books-is-still-very-white/

I agree with a lot of what the author of this article had to say. While at the end of 2015, there are a lot more books for “us” there could still be more, and on a much needed, wider variety of topics.

When my girls were born, I had a hell of a time trying to find books on any subject that were for them specifically: African-American, multi-racial, single parent home,  non-stereotypical sports like Taekwondo and Rhythmic Gymnastics, brown girl power, etc. It was really hard, but we managed to find a few really good ones over the years.

I will say though, that while the internet has made searching for books of all kinds much easier over the years, it also makes it easier to find things that are disgusting and highly inappropriate. When I google searched for “African American children’s books” just now, this was one of the top results: Search

How is this child-friendly? How is this something that I would share with my children? And how much would you bet that there is no such book for 10 little white kids….

It’s upsetting. It’s hurtful. I wish there were more authors out there rooting for us, and I wish there were more publishers out there who believed that there IS a market for books that empower without putting someone else down. Just because I want a book that’s pro African American, doesn’t mean I want to put down any other race. Just because I want a book that’s pro single moms, doesn’t mean I want to put down single dads. It’s a simple thing really…

*My 2 cents…

Writing101; Day 13 Play with Word Count

HBBB. My mother and I made up a secret word, or in this case four words, because I was going to start walking home from school all by myself. It was a safety thing in case of an emergency and I felt so grown up because I was being allowed to walk alone.

She reminded me that if someone said they were picking me up from school because my mom asked them to, then I was supposed to ask for the secret words. If someone said it was an emergency and my mom said to come pick me up because she couldn’t, I’d ask for the secret words.

Knock wood, I’ve never had to use those secret words. To this day, they are still a secret.

Even though she’s not around anymore, I cherish those four silly words. I don’t even remember how we came up with them in the first place, but they will always be a part of my heart.

I miss you mommy.
Love always,

Writing101; Day 14: Recreate a Single Day

My alarm is going off and I’m lying in my bed, staring at the ceiling. I procrastinate some more until I’m behind schedule, trying to remember what I like about the world.

Got to work late again. Whatever, they never notice anyway. Run some reports, run some more. Send emails, make calls, blah blah.

“You must take your lunch by the fifth hour of your shift” say the rules, but I always get away with going a few minutes later. What the hell. I’m a rebel.

Outside for my afternoon break, soaking up some much needed sun, wondering what I’m doing with my life and how I ended up here.

Fuck me, another pointless meeting run by people who delegate so much work to everyone else, that they have no idea what’s going on at any given moment in their own goddamn company.

I meet a co-worker in his office and he tells me “your rack looks great today ” and I laugh because he knows I hate shit like that. So I walk over to him and we make out for a bit, kinda hoping to get caught, but we never do.

Cover reception so she can go to lunch? Fine. *sigh

10 minutes left so I head to meet another co-worker of mine in a different department. He always blushes when I catch him staring at my boobs; it’s sexy. More conversation filled with innuendos, until his wife calls. So I go back to my office.

Clocking out, walking out, free at fucking last!

Kids are clean and fed. Time to take care of me.

My alarm is going off and I’m lying in my bed, staring at the ceiling. I procrastinate some more until I’m behind schedule, trying to remember what I like about the world.




Mini Victory

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Victory.”

So my awesome victory was this weekend. It’s a partial because I haven’t finished, but it’s still great! I decided awhile ago to update my townhouse. I’m thinking of selling it, but even if I decide not to, it needs an update desperately.

So the other day I bought a box cutter, gloves, mask, and goggles and I decided to start taking out the carpet in my daughters room. It was much easier than I thought it would be!

Within the long list of things I want to do to update, comes a long list of money to use. There are of course some things that I’ll have to pay someone to do, but there are definitely things I can do on my own. I’m a grown ass woman and I’m sure I can handle some house update DIYs!

Anyway, back to the carpet. We used to have cats, so I’m sure you can understand my readiness to be rid of the carpet. I strapped on my knee pads (from my derby bag), put on the gloves, goggles, and mask and got to work. I learned that parts of the carpet were tacked down and parts of the padding underneath were stapled. I’m not trying to deal with those right now, haha, I just wanted the carpet gone first.

I understand that those masks are great for keeping debris and stuff out of your lungs but damn, they’re hard to breathe in!

Anyway, I did half of her room. There is furniture I have to get rid of or at least move out of the way before I can do it completely, but it’s a damn good start!

Go me 🙂

Writing101; Day 11: Update Your Readers Over a Cup of Coffee

If we were having coffee right now… I’d be ecstatic, because that means I wouldn’t be at work. I’d be sitting with you somewhere with international and seasonal scents in the air, surrounded by people just relaxing.

If we were having coffee right now… I’d probably be sipping on something creamy flavored and holding the cup close to my face so I can feel the warmth of my beverage in my hands and inhaling deeply, feel it in my lungs.

If we were having coffee right now…you would probably ask me how I’m doing and I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you because I myself, don’t even know at this point. Then fighting back the tears, I’d continue to sip my coffee. Ignoring the look of concern you have on your face.

If we were having coffee right now…I’d probably be thinking how much the coffee cost me and what I’d have to give up in place of it until I get my next paycheck because I know, although you don’t, how stupid it was of my to accept an invite to have coffee when I really can’t afford to do so.

If we were having coffee right now…I’d be asking about you and the goings on of your life to change the subject and the mood of the morning back to something more positive. So how are things? How was your weekend? Did you do the thing? Awesome! Good job!