Writing101; Day 10 Let the scene write itself

I walk back to my desk, fumbling a bit as I sit down.

“Dude, where’d you get that?”

“I have a contact with a secret stash.”

“So umm.. are we good friends Jessica? Ya know, ‘cause I think we are” *smile* flips his long hair out of his eyes

“I don’t know if you’re worthy Marc.”

“Aww, c’mon, I won’t take it all.”

“OMG fine. Yes, you can have some”.

He “mmmmm’s” as he put his nose closer to sniff

“Man, I love popcorn.”

“Yeah me too, now get your nose out of mine…”

This conversation just happened between a co-worker and I. After we finished my popcorn, I went back to my secret contact and he tried to follow me to see who it was! I was ninja though… it was like Mission Impossible or something and I lost him in Programming. I ended up eating my second portion with my contact. She laughed when I told her what happened. 😉


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