Writing101; Day 18


This phrase is something we had to come up with after my second daughter was born. This beautiful child of mine, such a smarty pants, full of love and rebellion and damn fearless!

Sailor Moon is to blame.. although not really. Miah, like Maya – just spelled differently because I’m a Sagittarius and Jewish, and West African and I didn’t want my children to blend in, not even with their names. Sailor Moon was Miah’s favorite cartoon. If you’ve never heard of it, where have you been? Sailor Moon, her talking cat Luna and her friends (middle-schoolers) are soldiers destined to save the Earth from evil. The other soldiers are all named after planetary awesomeness as well.

Anyway. Sailor Moon and her buds, can fly. Which, I mean of course, means that Miah can fly right? Right. Miah always found her way to climb on to the arm of the couch and dive off screaming SAILOR MOON!! as she did so.

One lovely evening, I was making dinner. My eldest daughter Kyla (not Kayla) strolls in and asks very nonchalantly, “is Miah supposed to be on top of the entertainment center?” I slowly take off the oven mitt I had been wearing and said “umm no…why?” To which she replied, “well she is.” At this very moment, I hear SAILOR MOON!!! and I lost it. I have never run so fast in my life. I turned the corner from the kitchen into the living room and Miah was already mid-air with the biggest grin on her face I’ve ever seen. Arms spread wide like she was competing in a swan lake high-dive competition. I didn’t have time to think, so I dove as well. Not as gracefully as I might add because there was terror in my heart that I might not make it in time. But not only did I make it, I managed to roll over within my dive to land on my back with my daughter slamming into my chest.

There I was, on the living room floor trying to catch my breath, with Miah up and running somewhere else in the house, giggling as she went, and Kyla hovering over me with her toothless smile – asking if dinner was ready.

That episode is what created the “Miah Alert.” Telling Kyla to just use that phrase when Miah is about to launch herself off of something. Don’t stop to ask me if she’s supposed to be there, just use the Miah Alert.



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