*I asked a friend to give me a verb, a location, and the scent of something: Dancing / A pitch-black room / The smell of lilacs



Not knowing what time it is as I readjust my position, my pillow seems just as uncomfortable as it was a moment ago. Frustrated, I open my eyes, just the smallest slit, and I can’t see a thing. With the room being pitch-black it’s no surprise, but sometimes it’s a bit disconcerting knowing your eyes are open and not being able to tell the difference.

I reach for my cell phone, which should be somewhere on my bed beside me. Pressing the home button, the screen comes to life, blinding me for just a moment. I quickly shut my eyes again, the wisps of bright light now dancing behind my eyelids. Cursing myself for that moment of stupidity, however brief, I toss my phone back on the bed. I really don’t care what time it is anyway.

That’s when I notice it. Something is different. Although I know no one is here in the room with me, I feel as if I’m not alone. Almost as quickly as that thought comes to me, so does the faint smell of lilacs.  I bolt upright trying to untangle myself from my linens. Sitting there, trying not to breathe too loudly, I stare into the blackness waiting. I can’t see or hear anything except for my heartbeat trying to break out of my chest, and I can’t quite understand what’s happening, but I really don’t want to check it out either.

Eventually deciding to ignore it, I re-enter my cocoon of blankets to keep out the chill…and the lilacs. Feeling the weight of sleep tugging at my eyelids, my heartbeat finally slows back to a normal pace and I close my eyes to the blackness surrounding me.





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