I Need a Hug

I need a hug.

Only the kind that she can give.

Once enveloped in them, all worries melt away and seem not to have existed at all.

My heart hurts because I miss her so much. Constantly my days and nights remind me of the void that has been left behind without her presence.

I just want to hear her voice. I miss the melodic sound of it. Her laugh, the way she said my name, even in anger. The way she told me she loved me and blew me kisses from across the room or even when sitting right beside me.

My life will always have this emptiness within it. This feeling of forgetting something. It tears me apart and no one will truly understand what her absence has done to me.

I wear this mask everyday and I have perfected it’s existence upon my face. My features twisted in anguish and dampened by hot tears beneath it, but it holds steady for one more day. And one more…

My mothers love will always be a silent thought in my mind. Never again will she share her light with the world, never again will she open her arms to me for the hug that I desperately need.



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