An Ode to Sleep

Sleep! My dear, departed friend

I’ve waited for you to help me transcend

But here I lie, eyes open, wide awake

I need your help to make this day end


I long for my usual vivid dreams

With random people and colorful schemes

Alas, I can’t experience that if I don’t close my eyes

So I stare at my window and think how sad this must seem


I need that sweet rhythm of my Circadian clock

This insomnia is like having writers block

Dear Sleep, my eldest and closest friend

Come back to me I beg you, or I’ll send for Sherlock


Please take me away from these dire straits

I am more than ready as dreamland awaits

Eyes growing heavy, looking forward to star gates

As I finally slumber…in the dark, my teddy regulates




Writing101; Day 3 Sleep
Quatrain: A four-line stanza, rhyming:

I did mine in AABA. I’ve never done this one before because I find the rhyming a bit odd. However, I thought I’d try it anyway! Here’s another poet who tried it as well 🙂

Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.”



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