My Things 1 & 2

These two little girls I cherish ever so much,

They love me and hug me and kiss me and such.

They’ll always be my babies no matter how old they’ve grown,

Even when they’ve got gray hair of their own!


Kyla is my Thing1 with big giant brown eyes,

She’s a bundle of energy and that’s no surprise.

Loves cats and Egypt and is an artist,

She’s also a professional contortionist!

Bending this way and that in your tracks you will stop,

As she sits on her head, everyone’s jaws will drop!

She’s got a degree in pattern design from a couture art school,

Her designs are tres jolie and cooler than cool!


Miah, Thing2 is a jovial sort,

She’s so funny, you’ll laugh until you inevitably snort.

She loves musical theater and does everything heartfelt,

When it’s her turn to sing, you bet she can belt!

Photography is her ultimate passion, you should see what she can do.

She loves to capture things and people and everything else too!

Her beautiful smile always brightens everyone’s day,

When people know she’ll be around, they all shout HOORAY!


I love these girls in my heart of hearts, with every fiber of my being.

I’m getting all misty with all the feels I am feeling.

They are my Things 1&2, and I’m their Proud Mama Cat,

There’s so much more I can say, but for now….that is that.


Writing101; Day 7: Beloved



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