Untitled (for now) Wordle #91“December 28, 2015”

The awful tobacco aftertaste was pulsating on my tongue, attacking my taste-buds. I had tried to admonish him from smoking, but of course, when it came down to it, I was the one who shoved the cigarette in my mouth to avoid detection.

It almost worked too…

We realized too late that there was a filament minefield made of rigid purple lasers just above us. The smoke and cigarette that I was trying not to ingest, became increasingly leaden in my mouth and as soon as I exhaled, all hope was lost.

The floor began to move upwards towards the lasers and we realized we’d have no choice but to try and avoid them by moving this way and that, contorting our bodies like one of those Japanese game shows where it’s impossible to win.

His mind is a place where entropy reigns supreme, and at that infinitesimal moment in time where the smoke I’d exhaled caressed one of the lasers, he lost his composure. He never made it; pieces of him were like Scotch-tape to paper. The adhesion was incredible to see…and a bit stomach turning.

With my acquaintance beside me like silt from a flood, he had somehow managed to save me after all. Sliding into the crevice between the false floor and the wall we had begun to ascend, it slowed the process enough for me to make it through the lasers. Just barely though. I could smell the burning hair, lymph, and freshly cauterized wound from my forearm where I’d gotten too close to one of them.

Once at the top of the elevator-like shaft from hell, I found myself in a white room. It was so completely white it was almost blinding. I noticed that the room was round. There was no seam where the floor would typically meet the wall, it curved upward towards the ceiling where it was met again with another silky curve. Looking back at the space I had vacated, I realized I couldn’t find it in this stark white space. It had seemingly disappeared.

I took a step forward and that’s when I heard the water. From the other side of this, for lack of a better word, egg room, there was water coming in from somewhere. After a moment, it began to rush, and soon I found that it was up to my calves. The room was filling and I began to panic.

What began as a rush, quickly became a torrent of water and as I was treading water, freaking out, and getting closer and closer to the domed ceiling, my arm began to throb and just before I went under, I noticed the water burned my skin…



I tried! Not my usual type of writing and I felt like I was rambling there at the end haha.

Here’s the original prompt

Week 91


2 thoughts on “Untitled (for now) Wordle #91“December 28, 2015”

  1. First let me say welcome to the prompt thank you for joining us! Second happy holidays and a fabulous New Year XD

    I was glued to my seat reading this, wondering what would happen next, imagining the scene you laid out in my mind and quite clearly for your descriptiveness =) One of the great things about Wordles is that they lead you down all sorts of interesting paths! Great use of the words =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG thank you so much! It’s tooootally the opposite of what I normally write, but i loved it. I wasn’t sure how to end it though haha.. hence the “cliff hanger”! Thanks for taking the time to read it, thanks for the welcome and I hope you have a fantastic new year as well!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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