2 Year Plan

So yesterday, my friend Mindy and I decided to go on a cruise together. The two of us are basically in the same financial situation, we both have kids, and we’ve been so completely wrapped up in our families/children/work/school/lives for such a long time, that we’ve almost forgotten what ME means. 

We’re both in the same boat with feeling guilty when we buy things for ourselves. Books, a pair of shoes, even going out for breakfast. So… we’ve decided that in 2 years, we’re going on a cruise. Just the two of us. No kids, no husband (although I already don’t have one of those), just us. We say 2 years because that’s how long we think it’ll take us to save up for it. A little at a time. And of course, with our lives.. sometimes we won’t be able to put anything aside because there are some weeks where we are living on $5 or less trying to make it to the next paycheck. It sucks, but right now.. that’s life. So we say 2 years and we’ll re-evaluate in a year and see where we are. 

I’m EXCITED. Even though it’s far away.. it gives me something to look forward to. 




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