Intro to Poetry; Day 3 (Friend)

They make me laugh with cornball antics

Helping me to stay young

Inclusive with activities other moms only dare to dream of

Never giving up on me

Giving me kisses when I need them most

Shenanigans are abundant

1 very entertaining life I get to live thanking them for choosing me


2 grown-up girls who will always be my babies… and my best friends


THINGS 1&2 – Acrostic



Intro to Poetry; Day 2 – Face (Alliteration)

Fabulous fixation on hiding within the finite facets of fragrant blooms,

These familiar faces of fortitude are fearless, fanciful faeries. 

Favorable, freedom-filled, and fantastically fast,

Floating with finesse like fine flumes of fog. 

They are fastidious with flora and fauna, 

Full with the fervor of family, and

Never feigning felicity.