Pixel Thoughts

So I came upon this very cool website. It’s a simple 60 meditation thing and for some reason, it’s my whole world right now. Click here to check it out: Pixel Thoughts

Things have been kind of crazy in my life lately, and I need to remember to just chill for a minute.



The problem, some would say, with unshaven legs is that spidery feeling you eventually get. I mean…you might wince every now and then as you begin to notice the accumulation of hair that you only rid yourself of three days ago, but all in all, it’s not such a horrible thing really.


That little sapling of a hair that will grow up with its brothers and sisters being shoved into the rictus of work pants and yoga pants and when you’re brave enough and finally just don’t give a shit.. into fishnets. Ignoring those pithy comments from people who happen to notice the little hairs sticking straight out every which way within that glorious netting.

 I’m no caitiff though. I. Am. A. Damn. Warrior.

A warrior riding this dump-truck smelling subway, but a warrior nonetheless.



(I love these!)

From the prompt below:

1. Problem

2. Pithy (brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression; full of vigor, substance,or meaning; terse; forcible)

3. Scuttle

4. Accumulate

5. Wince

6. Truck

7. Unshaven

8. Rictus (the gaping or opening of the mouth)

9. Caitiff (base, despicable person)

10. Flotsam

11. Sapling

12. Dump

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

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