I’m Stuck! Time to Surf.

Ok so I’ve been stuck in this poem I’m writing and I was putzing around on the internet for a bit. When lo and behold, I came across an article written 6 months ago that mentions a sadistic writing app. Well I couldn’t resist. It’s called The Most Dangerous Writing App. Basically, you choose your time anywhere from 3 minutes to 60 minutes and just type. The catch is if you stop writing for 5 seconds, the whole thing DELETES! It’s crazy and stressful and fanfreakingtastic. At like 1 second of not typing, the edges of the page start turning red and at 5 seconds.. it’s all red and gone.

Here’s the app: http://www.themostdangerouswritingapp.com/

Here’s the original article I read: https://www.wired.com/2016/03/sadistic-writing-app-deletes-work-stop-typing/


Here’s what I ended up writing: mdwa

I’m at work and I was just going to type a few words to see how it went. Then I got all involved haha.

It ended up answering my question about saving when I was done. Love it.

Did it help me solve my poem issue? Not at the moment, but I was still writing right? Right. And that’s basically the point.


Now back to that poem… Or better yet, back to work for my last 34 minutes THEN back to the poem 😉

4 thoughts on “I’m Stuck! Time to Surf.

  1. So awesome!! When I do writing units as a teacher (in Canada) I would do the same thing, but the students would always stop writing. I would tell them if they got stuck to just write the same word over and over until you get through it. But they would just stop. This app sounds SO much better!

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