Ebb and Flow; A Haiku

My axis shifted

Along with the pulling tides

Of the winter moon



From the Haiku Horizons prompt



In lieu of all the election/voting crap that’s happening (especially today) I have decided to play with kittens. 

I found a super cute website that allows me to do that since I personally, do not have kittens at my disposal. (Even though I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally want one – insert sad face and quivering chin here -)

iPetcompanion.com lets you interact with kitties and puppies in shelters across the U.S. while they’re awaiting adoption… in real time…online! Playtime is 2 minutes so everyone can get a turn, it’s adorable. 🙂

Tired of Him and Her? Play with a freaking kitten and you’ll feel better… At least until the next electoral update.