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Avocado, goat gouda, rye toast, all sprinkled with black pepper šŸ™‚


From the Daily Post Challenge



So my last post was about my daughter being on tv on a show called Superhuman (on Fox) well SHE WON! It just aired on Monday and it was amazing, I’m so proud of her šŸ™‚ Also, in case you’re wondering what she won… $50,000!

If you’d like to watch it, click on the link below, she’s about 16 minutes into it.






My Thing1 is going to be on tv!

She’s a contortionist and she’s going to be on Superhuman on Fox. The show starts June 12, but I’m not sure which episode she’ll be on. I’M SO EXCITED!!! * click the link if you’d like to see a clip*

And yeah that’s me crying. Can’t help it when my kids are involved ya know šŸ˜‰