Untitled: A Haiku

Time slipping away

Final rest after sun sets

Sleeping without grief


January; A Haiku

Fragile emotions

Brittle like brown grass under

Heavy winter weight



I am standing at my kitchen window, unaware of the time passing.

Catching the night moon glimpsed on a ravens wing that was ever so fleeting I’m not entirely sure the celestial orb is still suspended above.

My heart can feel the thundering rumble somewhere in the distance and I know the rain is coming, but it has yet to provide even a fanciful drizzle for my eyes to rest upon.

Stifling an unattractive yawn, I flex my toes that have begun to strain from my stance, and noticing the night get a bit softer at the edges, I open the small window.

Leaning forward,  I strain to hear the wind in the attic of the forrest at the pending coronation of a new day.  The slight breeze catches up to me and rustles the curls of my unruly hair.

Inhaling the fresh, dewy scent of the morning, I close the window and retreat to my bedroom, awaiting the night once again.



#6 writing prompt from 30 Day Writing Challenge combined with a Daily Post prompt


Unbridled- A Tanka


Seemingly under control

Secretly wanting

Wild heart makes ribcage tremble

Can’t stay, must run, don’t look back


From the Tanka prompt


Tangerine Quartz

Balancing emotions and expanding visions,

this little orange crystal dispels panic and enhances your calm.


Helping one to make easier decisions,

smoothing out your issues like a layer of healing balm.


Relieving past tensions and initiating emotional release,

becoming one with your acceptance and growth.


It helps put the past in the past and gets the “what-if’s” in your mind to cease,

giving you strength to pursue your own personal oath.







From the Color Your World prompt


Outrageous Orange; A Tanka

Extremely saddened

That my country has chosen

Outrageous orange

As a representative

For all this land of the “free”





From the 2017 Color Your World Prompt

Jan 8; Outrageous Orange


Lily; A Haiku

Stargazer lily

Red-orange petals reaching

For mid-summer sun




From the 2017 Color Your World Prompt

Jan 4; Red Orange



Mahogany; A Haiku

Mahogany eyes

Deep pools of intensity

Thawing frozen hearts



From the 2017 Color Your World Prompt

Jan1; Mahogany


Ebb and Flow; A Haiku

My axis shifted

Along with the pulling tides

Of the winter moon



From the Haiku Horizons prompt