Day 1 of Writing Every Day


October first is a fantastic day

With only 30 days left to go

Counting them off one by one

You can almost hear the pumpkin spice flow

So all day I’ve been trying to think of which writing prompt I should use for my first day of “writing every day”. I spent more time trying to pick one than writing anything! So yeah…that’s annoying. Anyway, I decided to write that quickie poem instead.

Which is an interesting thing actually. I wonder if I can even DO writing prompts. I’ve never really done them, because usually my writing just comes to me and I put pen to paper. Maybe my brain thinks of writing prompts as being “forced” to write? I really don’t know. I’m guessing it’s something I’ll find out along my journey to writing.

If anything, I’ll try and write a minimum of 250 words a day. Key word is try. I’m a Sagittarius, so I get easily distracted.

I’ve just joined a daily poetry prompt blog here on wordpress, so that should be interesting. Maybe it’ll be easier because it’s poetry? I’ve always been good at that. At least in my opinion anyway. No. I shouldn’t say that. People have always loved my poems… when I share them that is. I usually don’t, unless it’s family or very close friends. But still, they’ve loved what I’ve shared, and I think they’re pretty good too so I won’t sweep that under the rug. It’s something I’m good at 🙂 Just one of the amazing qualities I got from my mother. I miss her so much. However, that’s a story for another time.