So my last post was about my daughter being on tv on a show called Superhuman (on Fox) well SHE WON! It just aired on Monday and it was amazing, I’m so proud of her ūüôā Also, in case you’re wondering what she won… $50,000!

If you’d like to watch it, click on the link below, she’s about 16 minutes into it.







In lieu of all the election/voting crap that’s happening (especially today) I have decided to play with kittens.¬†

I found a super cute website that allows me to do that since I personally, do not have kittens at my disposal. (Even though I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally want one – insert sad face and quivering chin here -)

iPetcompanion.com¬†lets you interact with kitties and puppies¬†in shelters across the U.S. while they’re awaiting adoption… in real time…online! Playtime is 2 minutes so everyone can get a turn, it’s adorable. ūüôā

Tired of Him and Her? Play with a freaking kitten and you’ll feel better… At least until the next electoral update.

Here And Now I Stand


My black magic edifying to those around me who accept and encourage it,

             and alarmingly unclear to those who don’t.

Their disquietude written on faces and seen in body language so rigid

             their confederate flag waves ever so slightly with each tremble of clenched fists.

Before me, these men, women, and children in white, pointy hats and spidery tattoos shrieking abrasive words all the while trying to make me relinquish my power.

             As if I would do such a thing.



Behind me and beside me I am joined by others:

             Those with melanin in various tints and tones

             Those with power as strong as my own

             Those whose stories may or may not have been tragic

             Those who are radiant with their own brown and black magic

We have taught, and will continue to teach, our children, and our brother’s and sister’s that we cannot be silent. We will not slip quietly into the background as our humanity is questioned.



I’m Stuck! Time to Surf.

Ok so I’ve been stuck in this poem I’m writing and I was putzing around on the internet for a bit. When lo and behold, I came across an article written 6 months ago that mentions a sadistic writing app. Well I couldn’t resist. It’s called The Most Dangerous Writing App. Basically, you choose your time anywhere from 3 minutes to 60 minutes and just type. The catch is if you stop writing for 5 seconds, the whole thing DELETES! It’s crazy and stressful and fanfreakingtastic. At like 1 second of not typing, the edges of the page start turning red and at 5 seconds.. it’s all red and gone.

Here’s the app:¬†http://www.themostdangerouswritingapp.com/

Here’s the original article I read:¬†https://www.wired.com/2016/03/sadistic-writing-app-deletes-work-stop-typing/


Here’s what I ended up writing:¬†mdwa

I’m at work and I was just going to type a few words to see how it went. Then I got all involved haha.

It ended up answering my question about saving when I was done. Love it.

Did it help me solve my poem issue? Not at the moment, but I was still writing right? Right. And that’s basically the point.


Now back to that poem… Or better yet, back to work for my last 34 minutes THEN back to the poem ūüėČ

The system was never broken. It was built this way.

I can’t take much more of this hatred. My children are afraid¬†and honestly, so am I. Don’t comply, get murdered. Comply and you still get murdered, but because it’s done by a badge, nothing will happen. Paid leave at the very least.

The value of our lives is determined by the color of our skin…it’s a crime to be black and it shouldn’t be. I mean in this day and age… it’s 2016 for fucks sake, how is this still happening?!!

How is it that when two white journalists got shot on camera last year the video was banned and all news channels refrained from showing it on air out of “respect.” But I can scroll through my Facebook and Twitter feed and watch countless videos and clips of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile being¬†executed?! Where’s the respect for them and their families? Where’s the respect for the rest of us?

The feeling we’re feeling right now of constant dread, uncertainty, fear for our loved ones safety, uneasiness, changing of our daily routines, and anxiety… that’s called Terrorism.


I will NEVER¬†post or share videos like those that I’ve seen in the past few days, but I will post this because this is how I’m feeling at the moment:



And this because sometimes I just have to tune it all out in order to be sane. I already have depression on a normal basis, and this hatred on top of all that, brings me down into the depths where sometimes it’s hard to return from:



And this because it’s time to mellow:


Be safe out there my people.¬†Through all the trials and tribulations that you’ve faced in your life YOU ARE STILL HERE and at this very moment in time, you have a 100% survival rate.¬†