Saying my father’s name to most people in my father’s country brings about a flurry of respect for the man he was.

But I am just his daughter.

I have done nothing but carry his name with me throughout my life and this gives me pause


I am just his daughter.

My family history is filled with so many colorful tales of the greatness my father achieved and I rode along on his coattails basking in the glory that was him. Leaving because of the coup, I never had a chance to be anything


just his daughter.

And still… knowing what my father’s name means to many people, I feel like I have something to live up to now that he’s gone; and even before then, though I did nothing about it. Though I still do nothing about it. I haven’t been back to my father’s country since I was 5 years old, but they know me… 35 years later, they know my name. To them, I have descended from greatness, but to me

I am just his daughter.

Writing101 Day9; Camouflage



Existing since ancient times from simple words to elaborate paintings

these works of art, though publicly illicit and mostly considered


of certain properties

glow white-hot and

burn with the fire of underlying social and political messages and that

sometimes they don’t. 


they are

just simply


Writing101 Day 8; Graffiti

My Things 1 & 2

These two little girls I cherish ever so much,

They love me and hug me and kiss me and such.

They’ll always be my babies no matter how old they’ve grown,

Even when they’ve got gray hair of their own!


Kyla is my Thing1 with big giant brown eyes,

She’s a bundle of energy and that’s no surprise.

Loves cats and Egypt and is an artist,

She’s also a professional contortionist!

Bending this way and that in your tracks you will stop,

As she sits on her head, everyone’s jaws will drop!

She’s got a degree in pattern design from a couture art school,

Her designs are tres jolie and cooler than cool!


Miah, Thing2 is a jovial sort,

She’s so funny, you’ll laugh until you inevitably snort.

She loves musical theater and does everything heartfelt,

When it’s her turn to sing, you bet she can belt!

Photography is her ultimate passion, you should see what she can do.

She loves to capture things and people and everything else too!

Her beautiful smile always brightens everyone’s day,

When people know she’ll be around, they all shout HOORAY!


I love these girls in my heart of hearts, with every fiber of my being.

I’m getting all misty with all the feels I am feeling.

They are my Things 1&2, and I’m their Proud Mama Cat,

There’s so much more I can say, but for now….that is that.


Writing101; Day 7: Beloved




Driving along on a freeway usually congested beyond belief, I find myself suddenly alone.

I have yet to catch up to the pack in front, and the pack behind is too far away to see even a glimmer of their headlights.

I turn off the music and roll down all the windows and just enjoy the silence of the world around me, heard through the wind rushing in.

Scents and sights usually ignored or drowned out by all the passers-by surrounding my senses all at once. Bringing a smile to my face.

I enjoy this sense of freedom, however short it may be, and continue coasting along with my hand dangling out of the window, shaking hands with the night.


Writing101: Day 5 Freedom





I was four, so there’s not a whole lot I remember about that day.

Family gathering…


Road trip…


My father behind the wheel, me on my mothers lap in the passenger seat. It was the 70’s after all.

Siblings in the back…




Then out of the blue everything changed. Life moved in slow motion, seconds seeming like minutes.

Tires screeching…

Horns blaring…



Everything happened all at once. Two vehicles unattached to the rain-wet, road, doing a dance of horror with all involved.


She was unable to hold onto me as we were thrown about. Lifting off her lap, it was as if I were floating throughout the car.

Amidst the debris and chaos and colors…

There were so many colors inside my head…

Our car flipped 7 times…


We had to climb out of the rear window of our now upside-down car. Miraculously, everyone inside both vehicles walked away with very minor injuries like cuts and scrapes. I was fine physically.

In shock is what the doctors said…

For two days I was rendered silent…

Unable to speak or cry…


My mothers guilt at not being able to hold onto me consumed her. Her tears are what brought me back from the colorful place I had retreated to.

Four year-old me whimpered…

And finally spoke with a raspy little voice…

“I love you Mommy.”


Writing101 Day4; “Seconds”







An Ode to Sleep

Sleep! My dear, departed friend

I’ve waited for you to help me transcend

But here I lie, eyes open, wide awake

I need your help to make this day end


I long for my usual vivid dreams

With random people and colorful schemes

Alas, I can’t experience that if I don’t close my eyes

So I stare at my window and think how sad this must seem


I need that sweet rhythm of my Circadian clock

This insomnia is like having writers block

Dear Sleep, my eldest and closest friend

Come back to me I beg you, or I’ll send for Sherlock


Please take me away from these dire straits

I am more than ready as dreamland awaits

Eyes growing heavy, looking forward to star gates

As I finally slumber…in the dark, my teddy regulates




Writing101; Day 3 Sleep
Quatrain: A four-line stanza, rhyming:

I did mine in AABA. I’ve never done this one before because I find the rhyming a bit odd. However, I thought I’d try it anyway! Here’s another poet who tried it as well 🙂

Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.”




The sun shines its golden light upon us

The moon hovers and silently exists

Reflecting sun beams; “Earthshine” with no fuss

Planetary teamwork always persists

Searching for life…a universal tryst

Will we be ready if something responds

Somewhere, out there, in the wondrous beyond




Writing101; Day 2: Reflections

Rhyme royal:
A stanza of seven, 10-syllable lines, rhyming ABABBCC



Writing101; Day 18


This phrase is something we had to come up with after my second daughter was born. This beautiful child of mine, such a smarty pants, full of love and rebellion and damn fearless!

Sailor Moon is to blame.. although not really. Miah, like Maya – just spelled differently because I’m a Sagittarius and Jewish, and West African and I didn’t want my children to blend in, not even with their names. Sailor Moon was Miah’s favorite cartoon. If you’ve never heard of it, where have you been? Sailor Moon, her talking cat Luna and her friends (middle-schoolers) are soldiers destined to save the Earth from evil. The other soldiers are all named after planetary awesomeness as well.

Anyway. Sailor Moon and her buds, can fly. Which, I mean of course, means that Miah can fly right? Right. Miah always found her way to climb on to the arm of the couch and dive off screaming SAILOR MOON!! as she did so.

One lovely evening, I was making dinner. My eldest daughter Kyla (not Kayla) strolls in and asks very nonchalantly, “is Miah supposed to be on top of the entertainment center?” I slowly take off the oven mitt I had been wearing and said “umm no…why?” To which she replied, “well she is.” At this very moment, I hear SAILOR MOON!!! and I lost it. I have never run so fast in my life. I turned the corner from the kitchen into the living room and Miah was already mid-air with the biggest grin on her face I’ve ever seen. Arms spread wide like she was competing in a swan lake high-dive competition. I didn’t have time to think, so I dove as well. Not as gracefully as I might add because there was terror in my heart that I might not make it in time. But not only did I make it, I managed to roll over within my dive to land on my back with my daughter slamming into my chest.

There I was, on the living room floor trying to catch my breath, with Miah up and running somewhere else in the house, giggling as she went, and Kyla hovering over me with her toothless smile – asking if dinner was ready.

That episode is what created the “Miah Alert.” Telling Kyla to just use that phrase when Miah is about to launch herself off of something. Don’t stop to ask me if she’s supposed to be there, just use the Miah Alert.