Nocturne; A Haiku

Night falls with relief

Wait for me between the stars

Once upon a wish


Work in Progress; Week 1 of 1 Year of Stitches

So beginning Jan 1, I got on a band wagon. I’m not normally the “band-wagon” type of gal, but I really liked this one so I thought what the hell. (Ha, I should’ve said ‘what the hay’.. ya know… ’cause “wagon”…heehee)

Anyhoo… this one is called 1 Year of Stitches. It’s one embroidery stitch a day, on one hoop for 365 days.

I found this genius idea on Instagram on an account aptly named “1yearofstitches” and I thought to myself: self, you should totally do this! And I did. Or rather, I am. Below are my first 7 days, the last pic is what the whole thing looks like after the 7th day. I post them every day on my IG account, but here I think I’ll just do it once a week.

Please enjoy. Feel free to comment…or not. I’m easy.

January 1, 2018

Well so far so good. 2017 ended on a nice note. Had a good couple of days before seeing 2017 out with a nice Hanukkah, peaceful Christmas, and a sparkler and fire-work filled New Years Eve.

Onward and upward they always say and I intend to make 2018 better. Emotionally I will try not to sweat the small stuff, de-stress more often (since I know I will get stressed anyway, at least I’ll have some measures in place to take time and de-stress; being proactive I guess), make art, sell art, write, and generally just have a good time. *fingers crossed [hoping for a fantabulous year]

So off we go, taking it one day at a time. Again…



I am standing at my kitchen window, unaware of the time passing.

Catching the night moon glimpsed on a ravens wing that was ever so fleeting I’m not entirely sure the celestial orb is still suspended above.

My heart can feel the thundering rumble somewhere in the distance and I know the rain is coming, but it has yet to provide even a fanciful drizzle for my eyes to rest upon.

Stifling an unattractive yawn, I flex my toes that have begun to strain from my stance, and noticing the night get a bit softer at the edges, I open the small window.

Leaning forward,  I strain to hear the wind in the attic of the forrest at the pending coronation of a new day.  The slight breeze catches up to me and rustles the curls of my unruly hair.

Inhaling the fresh, dewy scent of the morning, I close the window and retreat to my bedroom, awaiting the night once again.



#6 writing prompt from 30 Day Writing Challenge combined with a Daily Post prompt