Unbridled- A Tanka


Seemingly under control

Secretly wanting

Wild heart makes ribcage tremble

Can’t stay, must run, don’t look back


From the Tanka prompt


Outrageous Orange; A Tanka

Extremely saddened

That my country has chosen

Outrageous orange

As a representative

For all this land of the “free”





From the 2017 Color Your World Prompt

Jan 8; Outrageous Orange

Radiant Moon; A Tanka

Soft, glowing moon-beams

Breaking through the atmosphere

Sharing enchantment

Bringing laughter on the wind

Illuminating the way




Mothers Voice; A Tanka

Distant memories

Flooding back so suddenly

Intending to stay

Mothers voice soft in my heart

Reminding me to be strong


Momentous; A Tanka

That momentous day

At last I was a mommy

O’ angelic smile

Melting my heart and my soul

When it is shined upon me

For Wednesday’s Word (even though it’s Thursday!) Prompt found here