How I get my groove back


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”

I live in Southern California. I’m in the Valley and in and of itself it’s always a busy place. When I need a refresher, as I often do, I head to the beach. Being in California I have many to choose from,so usually I just start driving in that direction and see which beach I end up visiting. However, I find myself heading to Topanga Beach a lot. Maybe it’s because I get to drive through the canyon to get there from the valley and that drive itself is a gorgeous one, with lots of twists and turns.

I love the beach, I always have, and it instantly calms me upon my arrival. šŸ™‚

*the top photo I posted is one I took of one view of Topanga Beach looking back towards Santa Monica and Venice, the bottom is one I took looking the other direction towards Zuma (taken of different days)


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